Since foundation up to the present day PJSC УDNIPRO-SGEMФ has been providing erection, overhaul repair and restoration of water-power and power-generating equipment of Hydropower Plants and Pumped Storage Power Plants, steel and reinforced concrete structures production and cargo crane and hoisting machine erection.

турбины, генераторы насосные станции стальные конструкции и каркасы
Assembly Operations at Hydraulic and Pumping Plants, Navigation Locks:

    • Turbines
    • Generators
    • Gates
    • Hydraulically operated lifts
    • Frames
    • Exploratory and building cranes
    • Structural fabrications
    • Hydropower plants
    • Air systems
    • Penstocks and metal cladding
    • Industrial pipelines
    • Reinforced conduits
    • Oil households
Industrial Engineering:
  • Erection of steel, precast reinforced concrete and other processing facilities on hydropower facilities
  • Steel structure and frames

Reconstruction and Facility Repair:

  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Guide apparatus
  • Generators
  • Rotaries
  • Stators
  • Gates

  • Trash-rack structures
  • Hoisting machines
  • Utility modules
  • Penstocks
  • Hydraulic drives
Designing, Engineering:

  • Development of construction management plans 

  • Development of work management and execution

Preparation and delivery of supplementary equipment for hydro power plants, pumping plants and industrial facilities.

гидравлические турбины строительные металлоконструкции проектирование, инжиниринг