Iraq. Pumping Plant Nassiria

The work was performed for assembly of 12 (twelve) pump units with a capacity of 20 m3/sec and supplementary equipment, as well as supporting facility structures and communication lines. The plant was operated with simultaneous training of the Iraqi personnel.

Main technical characteristics of  ЂVoithї pumps:

  • (Feed, feeding)  m3/sec. Ц 19,4 in flow pressure 5,3 m;
  • 20.0 when flow pressure 4.9 m;
  • Operating supply range, m3/sec Ц 13-25 (for Kaplan pumps);
  • Rotational speed, min Ц 200;
  • Rated head, m Ц 2,3;
  • External turbine wheel diameter, mm Ц 2250;
  • Number of  blades Ц 4 units

Main technical characteristics of electric motors:

Three-phase Horizontal synchronous  electric motor type HSM011Z30,  Company producer  "ELIN-UNION", Austria.

  • Rated power Ц 2000 kW;
  • Rated voltage Ц 6000 W;
  • Rated current Ц 223.5 A;
  • Efficiency Ц 95,7%;
  • Rated speed Ц 200 rpm;
  • Theft rate Ц 310 rpm.