news 2016

November-December 2016

The team of PJSC "Dnipro-SGEM" congratulates you on the coming
New Year!

Works on capital repair and reconstruction of the following stations:

  • Kiev HPP - overhaul trash screen №1; Repair trash screen №15; Repair of the main gate of the surface spillway hydroelectric unit №2; work on the installation and commissioning of static frequency converter;
  • Kiev PSPP - reconstruction of pressure pipeline №4;
  • Kaniv HPP - overhaul of hydroelectric №16; reconstruction of the block №3 (replacement of pipelines and pump technical water supply, drainage);
  • Kremenchug HPP - reconstruction of hydraulic unit №8 (assembly of a new generator rotor replacement impeller chamber, the impeller assembly); installation and commissioning of dizelgeneratora;
  • Dnieper HPP-1 - Reconstruction of hydraulic unit №9 with the modernization of thrust;
  • Kakhovka HPP - the completion of the reconstruction of the hydro unit №2, commissioning;
  • Dniester HPP-1 - overhaul of gates;

The Republic of Tajikistan:

  • Rogun HPP - laying  generator stator winding №6; assembly of the stator housing №5; №6 rotor assembly;
  • Baipazin HPP - overhaul before-turbine disk gate units №1,2,3,4