About us

Yuriy KovalyovPJSC Dnipro-Spetsgydroenergomontazh is a unique specialised organization that carries out works on installation of new turbines and generators, modernisation and reconstruction of hydropower and hydromechanical equipment on working hydroelectric power stations and pump stations both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our work is unique because by the efforts of our specialists the process of assemblage and reworking of individual units delivered from manufacturers of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment transforms into the end-product Ц a hydroelectric generating set that allows to generate electric energy.

Established in 1955 at construction of the Kahovka Hydroelectric Power Station, the SGEM Dnipro Construction Department was then a part of the "SpetsGydroEnergoMontazh" country-wide complex of enterprises, and in 1991 it was transformed into OJSC Dnipro-SGEM. Over that period, it performed numerous test operations on dozens of construction sites, hundreds launches and operations commissioning for hydroelectric generating sets and pump stations in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Georgia, Mexico, Vietnam, Tajikistan.

Now, Dnipro-SGEM has a developed regional structure and a team of highly skilled mounters, welders, pipe erectors, engineers represented at all large hydroelectric power stations in the country and takes a leading position in the power industry of Ukraine.

Yuriy Kovalyov,
Chairman of the Board
of the Public Joint-Stock Company